It is our everyday mission to create an environment that provides an exceptional experience, built on trust, for each customer, every day.

Our culture is built on respect and we value our customers’ time and budgets. While we aim to always be efficient, we also make sure that we take the time to address any concerns. We are always 100% present when we are with our customers and we make sure that their needs are truly heard.

We understand timelines, budgets, and expectations. These are all part of working to provide an exceptional experience.

Having a wide range of customers with various needs means having a multitude of knowledge and capabilities to match. As experts in our field, we are deeply involved in our industry and always stay up to date on changing technology and services. Our capabilities expand and evolve as the industry and our customers change.

Doing the right thing is how we create an exceptional experience.

With ODM, you can consider it done.

ODM is driven by these five core values

Our values aren’t just posters lining our hallways – they’re who we are and how we do business each and every day.

Listen to Understand

In every moment, we are fully present. We don’t bring phones to meetings and we never multitask when someone is sharing their thoughts with us. We truly listen so that we can completely understand the customer needs and discover the perfect solution together.

Culture of Respect

We understand and respect all budgets and timelines because we know that every customer has unique needs. We know their concerns are real and want to hear them fully. We believe genuine conversation is always better than industry jargon.

Technical Competence

We are experts at what we do and use our breadth of knowledge to both problem solve and find opportunities for each customer. We are constantly seeking opportunities to learn more in our industry so that we can continue to grow and support our customers in every way possible.

Environmentally Conscious

We strive to make our impact on the environment as minimal as possible. We strongly believe in recycling and repurposing equipment and materials as often as we can. We offer green systems to encourage responsible energy consumption.

Community Responsibility

We are proud of the Richmond community and even prouder to be a part of it. We support the community that supports us participating in charity drives, supporting the National Guard, being a part of community boards, and attending community events.